EWM and the Salzgitter Group joining forces

Gruppenfoto während der Euroblech mit Personen von Salzgitter und der EMWMeeting at Euroblech 2022 forging the agreement on the supply of a fixed quantity of "green" steel. From left to right: Ulrich Grethe (Head of Steel Production Division Salzgitter AG), Jutta Schäfer-Hillenberg (Shareholder SCHÄFER Werke), Phillip Meiser (Sales Director Salzgitter Flachstahl), Michael Mockenhaupt (Managing Director EMW), Holger Latsch (Purchasing Manager EMW) and Maik Lintl (Sales Manager Salzgitter Flachstahl).

"Green steel" for mill-independent steel service center - Reservation agreement concluded 

Neunkirchen, 7th December 2022. In line with its strategic mission of “Partnering for Transformation”, the Salzgitter Group is working closely together with customers and partners in order to achieve the defined climate targets. EMW Stahl Service GmbH and Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH have now concluded an agreement on the supply of a specified quantity of "green" steel. An initial delivery will be made following the successful conversion to low CO2 steel production under the "SALCOS® - Salzgitter Low CO2 Steelmaking" transformation program.

EMW Stahl Service GmbH intends to increase its sales of green steel products in the coming years. As from the end of 2025, the Salzgitter Group will gradually convert its steel production to hydrogen-based processes. The goal is to achieve virtually CO2-free production as from the year 2033. 

 "As one of the largest independent steel service centers, we are delighted to announce the supply agreement concluded with our long-standing partner Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH. This represents an important step for us in expanding our product portfolio in the area of CO2-reduced steel. In addition to our own numerous measures, this is another building block towards achieving greater sustainability. In this context, we as the Schäfer Werke Group, to which EMW belongs, have set ourselves the goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2030," Michael Mockenhaupt, Managing Director of EMW stated.

EMW Stahl Service GmbH has already featured as a customer for many years and expressed strong interest at an early stage in purchasing steel produced at Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH with low CO2 emissions.  As Phillip Meiser, Sales Director at Salzgitter Flachstahl outlined: "EMW is a reliable partner, and we are very pleased that we have now been able to conclude a partnering agreement at this year’s EUROBLECH. Just like us, EMW is strongly committed to assuming a pioneering role, especially when it comes to environmental protection issues. Moreover, this collaboration underlines that our customers perceive SALCOS® as a way to achieve their sustainability goals as well. Consequently, they perceive added value in our transformation to green steel. The markets for these products are becoming more and more established, driven above all by our strong and long-standing partners."

Video: Transition to green steel production

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