EMW strengthens greentec steel Edition's supply chain

Agreement regarding the supply of steel products with a reduced carbon footprint

Neunkirchen, 10th July 2023. EMW Stahl Service GmbH and voestalpine Stahl confirm their intention to expand the availability of CO2-reduced steel for the steel-processing industry in Europe. Starting this year, voestalpine Stahl will supply the independent steel service centre EMW with greentec steel Edition steel – premium quality with a reduced carbon footprint. In the course of reaching the agreement, both parties have communicated their CO2 reduction targets transparently.

"As one of Europe's largest independent steel service centres, we are pleased to be able to expand the green steel supply chain through the supply agreement with voestalpine Stahl. This is a strategic agreement with a major European steel producer. One of our ambitious goals is to achieve complete climate neutrality in Scope 1 and 2 by as soon as 2030," explains EMW Managing Director Michael Mockenhaupt.

voestalpine has been regarded as the industry's environmental and efficiency benchmark for decades. In recent decades, the company has invested massively in environmental and climate protection; in the past ten years alone, more than 2.4 billion euros has been spent on this in the Group just in ongoing operating costs. With greentec steel, the Group has an ambitious plan for the long-term decarbonisation of steel production. And, for more than a year, voestalpine has already been offering all flat steel products from the Steel Division with a reduced carbon footprint.

These include, for example, electric strips, such as those also used in wind turbines, and high-strength steels for lightweight automotive construction. This is possible thanks to an innovative raw material mix and even more efficient processes. In this way, voestalpine can meet the increasing demand from its customers in the high-quality sector and, at the same time, make its contribution to global climate goals. The Group has a clear goal here: Quality leadership in reduced-carbon or carbon-neutral steel production.

EMW Stahl Service GmbH is a business unit of the globally active SCHÄFER WERKE Group and supplies coils, slit strips, blanks and circular blanks to the steel processing industry. The company already has a wide range of CO2-reduced steels – including countless grades and surface coatings from almost all well-known manufacturers with certificates for CO2 savings. This means that EMW customers can obtain almost all known grades and surface coatings of CO2-reduced steels from a single source.

voestalpine offers physical CO2 savings in the steel-manufacturing process, which are validated and verified by an external independent body (LRQA) based on EN-ISO 14064-2. Maximum footprints of between 0.6 and 2.30 kg CO2e/kg steel are guaranteed depending on the product category and greentec steel Edition variant by means of a GHG declaration.

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