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For more than 20 years, the EMW Steel Service Centre has been supplying the premium car manufacturer Daimler AG with cut-to-size blanks and slit strip. During this time, EMW has seen and successfully accompanied many changes in grades and coatings at Daimler AG. Whether Bonazink or Granocoat, electrolytically galvanised or hot-dip galvanised, all product changes were mastered together.

Deliveries go to the sites in Bremen, Hamburg, Sindelfingen, Mettingen and Gaggenau. The slit strips are then processed into so-called structural elements (connecting plates, reinforcements and supports) at the Daimler production plants. Because of its technically advanced products, a premium car manufacturer like Daimer AG can‘t rely on standard, mass produced primary materials, so it needs a partner with large stocks of special automobile grades of the highest quality. Just-in-time deliveries pose no problems, as EMW’s stocks of over 150,000 tons are geared especially to the needs of the automobile industry and to a logistics concept tailored to the customer’s requirements. For the production of slit strips and cut-to-size blanks, five slitting and three multi-blanking lines are available, with thickness ranges from 0.4 to 4 millimetres and coil weights of up to 32 tons. In Raststatt, the components manufactured from EMW steel are assembled in the new A-Class. The intelligent combination of lifestyle and digitalisation with high-tensile steels for lightweight components in vehicles is redefined in this new model. The design of its steel body makes a clear-cut and racy impression.

From the outset, the fundamental prerequisite for the fair and trusting collaboration between Daimler AG and EMW was the flexibility the supplier could offer. Especially when production is shifted at short notice between the individual Daimler AG production plants, the EMW Steel Service Centre has to be at the very top of its game. And that’s exactly what it is! Complex tasks and material specifications are solved together constructively, risks are evaluated early and minimised purposefully. EMW is an independent steel service centre and so, when it comes to procurement, it is able to take advantage of the individual, qualitative strengths of the various steel producers and utilize these benefits for itself and its customers. This function as an important link between steel producers and processors involves a very high degree of customer oriented service. Fast reactions times, competent and flexible problem solving when bottlenecks arise, an extensive stock of special automobile grades and EDI controlled order management within the supply chain are all elementary parameters for guaranteeing trusting and effective collaboration. After all, manufacturing premium vehicles requires first-class suppliers, and that’s exactly what Daimler AG has found in the EMW Steel Service Centre.

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